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The Institute has, over the past one and a half decade, pursued the goal of capacity building in the financial markets of India and other emerging economies. As the financial sector reform in India has entered its second phase, IICM strives to enhance the capital market knowledge base. Consequently, it has taken steps to emerge as a centre of applied research in the Asian financial markets. The Institute stresses upon the research issues pertaining to market development, market integration, product development, corporate governance, and risk management.

The Institute undertakes research projects from the industry in the area of capital markets. Faculty members pursue research in their areas of specialisation and have published over 140 papers in well-known journals and business publications. The Institute has published books, monographs, factbooks and working papers.

Knowledge development and development of knowledge bank are two significant contributions of any academic institution. IICM has taken several steps to encourage its faculty members to publish. When there was no codified data and literature on Indian mutual fund industry, IICM bought out its first publication “Mutual Fund-Factbook 1995” followed by “Global Portfolio Investment in Emerging Markets and India ”. So far seven books have been published. Our faculty members have brought out edited books in the area of Indian Capital Market which have been well received in the market. Research papers of our faculty found their place in many of the edited books. Over its short history, the faculty have already published more than 60 papers in referred international and national journals. Active participation in Seminars and Conferences raises the level of the bar and improves quality of discussion. Our faculty have participated in several international and national seminars and presented research paper.

Research culture needs institutional support. The Institute's working paper series have been started with a view to achieving this objective. Faculty have published around 16 working papers and a few more policy papers are expected to come out in the near future.

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